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Boxing glove with lacing Red

89,95 incl. btw.

These gloves are suitable for pads & competition. When training, we recommend that you always use boxing bandages to protect your hands.
Artn. BGL
Available in the colors red and blue
Size 10oz


The Windy Lace-up competition boxing gloves have been used for decades in professional Muay-Thai and boxing competitions in Thailand. The glove has a small filling under the fingers to form a good fist. The long filling on the side of the glove in combination with the lacing ensures that the glove has a comfortable and compact fit.

All Windy competition boxing gloves receive extra attention so that the filling and weight meet all requirements that a competition glove must meet. All competition boxing gloves are available in sizes 8oz up to and including 18oz and are approved for competitions in Thailand and Europe.

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